Animal Rescue Update: Rescue Sea Turtles

Canuck the loggerhead will be the only sea turtle patient left in our care after National Aquarium Animal Rescue releases 37 sea turtles in Florida next week.

Published April 12, 2018

National Aquarium Animal Rescue will be traveling to Florida next week for our final sea turtle release of the year in the largest transport and release in the history of our rescue program! Fourteen of the 37 turtles that will be released are Kemp’s ridley sea turtles that have been rehabilitated at the National Aquarium. The remaining 23 turtles come from seven rehabilitation institutions and include Kemp’s ridley, green and loggerhead sea turtles.


After the release, the loggerhead in our care, nicknamed Canuck, will be the only sea turtle patient at the Aquarium. Canuck’s health continues to be stable; he is eating consistently and is beginning to gain weight.


Our team plans to move Canuck to the larger pool in our rehabilitation area to help him build his strength and muscle mass as he continues his journey toward recovery.

Stay tuned for more animal rescue updates! 

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