Seafood Smart

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The National Aquarium promotes and supports aquaculture: creating a balance for our ecosystems through responsibly farmed and wild harvested fish, shellfish and aquatic vegetables.

The world’s seafood supply can seem deceptively limitless.

For generations, Americans have enjoyed the seemingly endless bounty of our oceans and waterways. Our grocery stores and restaurants offer a wide array of seafood and shellfish from around the globe. We have nearly instant access to seafood all the time. But at what cost? As our population grows and demand increases accordingly, we must foster healthy, sustainable solutions.

Now is the time to embrace sustainability, for our ocean and ourselves.

Our appetite for seafood and the demand for a diverse array of seafood products is quickly outstripping what our oceans can supply. The global fishing fleet is two to three times larger than what the ocean can sustainably support, and the majority of fisheries are under serious strain, many on the verge of collapse. Sustainable, modern aquaculture practices support healthy eating, create a secure and reliable protein supply for a burgeoning population and relieve the environmental strain on our ocean, while enhancing our maritime economies, creating jobs and protecting wild fisheries and ocean habitats.

Responsible aquaculture is the future of seafood.

When we seek out and purchase responsibly farmed, sustainably sourced seafood and shellfish, we are not only following the lead of our country’s finest chefs, but we are also making the best choice for ourselves and our oceans. As a conservation organization, we believe that the health of humankind is intrinsically linked to the health of our global ocean. By giving consumers the tools they need to make smart, healthful, ecologically-sound decisions at the seafood counter, the National Aquarium strives to engage, educate, empower and inspire. Our Seafood Smart program fosters sustainable seafood solutions from our home on the Chesapeake Bay and beyond. Contact our Seafood Smart Department at

Water is the connection.

Seafood Smart begins at the source, establishing a network of aquaculture farmers and fishermen committed to seafood sustainability. By collaborating with growers and harvesters, we’re able to assist consumers by encouraging sustainability in local supply chains and best practices for both farm-raised and wild-caught fish and shellfish. Seafood Smart strives to engage all stakeholders, in the interest of integrating responsible aquaculture into the national sustainable seafood conversation.

Choose well, from the source to your plate.

We’re committed to fostering an understanding of the importance of smart sourcing choices. Local chefs and retailers play a critical role in supporting this movement. Seafood Smart educates and encourages the retail and restaurant industries to adopt sustainable seafood practices. Seafood Smart aims to serve as a trusted advisor and informational resource.

Change starts with you.

Consumers hold the real power in replenishing our oceans and managing seafood resources into the future. Seafood Smart assists consumers with choosing healthy options, that must include responsibly farmed fish and shellfish. Through education and engagement, Seafood Smart will empower consumers to make sustainable choices, whether at their neighborhood seafood counter or placing their order in their favorite restaurant.


The National Aquarium’s Seafood Smart program is made possible by the generous support of urban development firm War Horse, and the family foundation of its CEO, Scott Plank. Learn more about War Horse here.